Where is the line between stage and reality? When do we step out of “real life” and into an artistic event? And where does it end?


“A.S.K.” is the name of a series of experimental performances we created in 2014 for different spaces in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In these experiments we went out to research the nature of interaction between performers and audience with a set of changing themes.

While maintaining a fixed musical setlist, we created new dramatic content for each performance and venue, developing a different frame and theme as well as all new texts according to our associations with the location of the performance.

For example, in a small, cramped bar in Jerusalem we explored intimacy with the audience, highlighting the contrast between a prepared texts and theatricality to direct speech and interaction. Each person walking into the venue was given a small cigarette lighter, which they lit for different purposes- such as volunteering to take part, or voting with fire in response to specific questions we posed. Through these little games we tested the audiences readiness to commit to the bigger game - the performance itself, pushing us and the viewers into a combined unique and intimate state.

In another venue, we purposely planted mistakes and faults in the flow of the evening, after a somewhat awkward meeting we had with the owner when discussing our performance there. We challenged what was “real” vs “fake”, exploring how embarrassment affects atmosphere, and the connection between the vibe control- ours over the viewers, and their control over us, sometimes even acting like a mirror reflection of each other.

Dealing with a large amount of subjects and themes inspired us to search further for the point of interaction with the audience, and gave us a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of the live moment that occurs onstage. These elements would evolve (after many defining experiences) into our latest creation - The Cabaretacum.

A teaser filmed and edited by video artist Dan Robert Lahiani at the final installment of the A.S.K. project in the Uganda bar in Jerusalem - a place that was a home and incubator for us and our ideas throughout our very first steps. The music is from the song Dikaron, which can be heard in full below

In 2014 we revisited and transformed our songs, some of which got a simple production make-over while others took on completely new form. Read lyrics and more about the music on our Audio page here

"Politicly Dyslect" and "ShirBliAshem" were both recorded and mixed by Ilai Schwebel at SoundMountain studio in Jerusalem

*P.D. contains samples from music by Jah Wobble & the Chinese Dub Orchestra; Talvin Singh.

S.B.A contains samples from music by Bad Brains. These were all used in appreciation and respect, and with no intention of profit

'Out of the Car' Festival

Tel Aviv-Yafo

with Shaya Feldman

The Barcode pub​


The Cassette


feat Apollo & Dionysus  


The Zimmer

Tel Aviv

with Rothschild's Violin (KSR)

People, Places, Links

Levontin 7

Tel Aviv


with Mechonat Hereg 

and Shaya Feldman

Uganda bar

Tel Aviv

Uganda bar


feat Apollo & Dionysus



with DadaDrag