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Soulela are an avantgarde hiphop, art rap, and performance art duo from Jerusalem – comprised of multidiscipinary artists Elika Lascar Feldman and Adam Miklaf.

The duo has evolved through 3 stages in 8 years of existence:

Beginning with short but intense runs in 2012 and 2014 (under an untranslatable Hebrew name) the two created mind bending experimental performance art, backed with bizarre noise-hip hop, and took it to stages around Israel. It was at this time they also became a romantic couple.

In 2017, after 3 years in the USA the duo re-emerged as Soulela and presented a new performance, one that would strive to connect audiences rather than challenge them. This show was invited to perform in art and fringe festivals California, Gothenburg (SWE) and Tel Aviv. Soulela were also awarded the European Culture Foundation’s STEP grant.


In their current stage, Soulela is focusing on the music. The two were accepted into the ‘Greenhouse Project’ - a prestige musical development program for upcoming artists, run by Jerusalem’s well known music center The Yellow Submarine, and funded by The Jerusalem Foundation. Given this opportunity, Soulela was determined to further push the boundaries of musical style – and working with avant-garde musician/producer Eyal Talmudi did exactly that. The results are a diverse blend of hip hop, jazz and french chanson, topped with electronica, rap and elements of noise, punk, blues and metal. Soulela’s lyrical content ranges in language and subject – mixing social and existential issues into English, Hebrew, French, and even Gibberish.




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Adam Miklaf +972 54 566 5276

Elika Lascar Feldman +972 53 277 6711



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