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The Studio

In early 2016, after a year long journey, full of inspiration from many different people and their creations, as well as the views and wildlife of north America- we decided to settle in a small town in the heart of the Mojave desert in California and create a new performance.

Choosing desert wilderness as a home for our work allowed us the solitude, silence, and open space we needed to create a new form of encounter with ourselves, with each other, and with the creative process.

We began by collecting equipment and instruments, both analog and digital. With them we started to experiment, developing new material and trying to base it on original samples, created from scratch.

Later on in the year we were had a number of guests and visitors at the studio. Whether out of passion or lack of attractions in the desert, we spent a large amount of time jamming and improvising together.

From these encounters, several collaborations were born, as well as new styles and inspiration that would refresh and enrich the musical dynamic between the two of us. In addition, the improvisation and mutual listening sessions strengthened and deepened a belief that would lead the entire creative process towards our new performance, and essentially be the backbone of the show itself – the belief that music is a tool for human connection and communication on a very basic level.

In the middle of our year in the desert we took a break from new materials to write, film, direct and edit our first music video, using a mix of past footage as well as a newly filmed narrative to illustrate the song “Politicly Dyslect” (which you can view and read about below). Once it was completed, we reset our sights on our main project- the experimental cabaret performance we named The Cabaretacum.

Our music video for "Politicly Dyslect" was filmed and edited at our desert studio

"... The duo's debut video clip, released in September, is a blessed addition to the very short list of Israeli nonsense pieces. Although making sense is not one of Israel's strong points..." - Roy 'Chicky' Arad, Haaretz Magazine

for more details about the making of the video see our Visual page 

The Show

The first teaser for The Cabaretacum - filmed live at Hasandag Studio in Jerusalem. 

This show featured Alonzo Avidar as our slightly baffled host and ringmaster, as well as DJ sets by Apollo & Dionysus

Our time in the Mojave pushed  us further in exploration of languages and sound.

read more about our homemade samples and mashed up languages on our Audio page

* "Kleptomoney" contains samples from music by artists Jo Hisaishi and Gil Evans. These were used in appreciation and respect, with no intention of making money 

People, Places, Links

Artstreet Festival

Sacramento, California 




feat Shaya Feldman

Studio HaSandag



feat Alonzo; Apollo & Dionysus

The Brass Rail tavern

 North San Juan, California

Tmu-na Festival

Tel Aviv, Israel


feat Livluv Lamed

Mycophobia / Klyben Zich


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